Ergoplanning Ltd. Information Security Policy

The Quality Policy of the company Ergoplanning Ltd. remains stable and the implementation of the Quality Management System is based on it.

The Board of the company considers that the correct quality policy is the basis for the provision of high quality services, therefore it is committed to the continuous improvement of the Quality System, the observance of the legislation and the implementation of this policy. To achieve the objectives of the above policy, all members of the company participate responsibly, with the first being the Management of Ergoplanning Ltd., which has the power and authority to implement it at all levels of the company.

The first objective of the company is to ensure and manage the quality of the services offered and consequently,

  •  customer satisfaction with the services provided
  •  the continuous evaluation of the company’s associates
  •  the thorough and effective training of the company’s executives
  •  ensuring the elimination of errors in the preparation of agro-economic and financial studies
  •  the high success rate of preparing business proposals
  •  the immediate response to customer complaints and their gradual elimination

The Board of Ergoplanning Ltd. is of the opinion that the cost of achieving an efficient quality system is largely offset by the reduction of negative impacts and the consequent improved image of the company in the market. To ensure the above objectives, the company has developed and installed a Quality System, which is designed according to the standard ELOT EN ISO 9001: 2015

Ergoplanning Ltd is committed to implementing quality policy.

Ergoplanning’s Ltd. Board