Business Planning, Development & Organization Consulting

Modern solutions, reliable services

Financial programs

National Development Law, National Investment and Research Programs, Community Initiatives etc.

Agriculture and livestock

Development of studies for financing of agricultural enterprises, Accounting and financial support of holdings etc.

Agricultural organizations

Integrated Management Systems in Agricultural Production, establishment – organization of producers groups etc.

Innovative technologies

Parcel mapping and remote sensing services for parcels & Digital recording and control of animals.

Agro-tourism enterprises

Integrated studies of Agrotourism – Agribusinesses, Technical support for the licensing of agro-tourism-agro-industrial units etc.

RES units operation

Drawing up a business – investment plan for the realization of the investment and anticipating its operation and many more.

SM Enterprises

Installation, Operation, Expansion and Modernization Permits, site research and approval to choose the best location for your business etc.

Participating and coordinating in research projects

IRISS System [Coordinator]

IRISS System [Coordinator]


IRISS aims at the development and operation of an innovative and sustainable greenhouse type construction that will use its roof for the production of irrigation water using the solar desalination and simultaneous exploitation of the produced water in agricultural activity which will be developed inside and outside the greenhouse.




BIOCIRCULAR project is an innovative action that aims to utilize modern technology and the capabilities of ICT for the interconnection of all individual processes in the production of dairy products and other agricultural holdings, based on the concept of "circular agriculture".

Head Office, Branch Offices & Ergoplanning Group of Companies

Thessaloniki – Head Office

Karatasou 7, 54626
Τ: 2310 544 224, 555 582
F: 2310 555 583

Lagadas – Branch Office

Loutron 67, 57200
Τ: 23940 20996
F: 2310 555 583


El. Venizelou 103, 57300
Τ: 2310 794 211
F: 2310 555 583

Ergopartners – Giannitsa

Fragopoulou & Egnatias 74, 58100
Τ: 23820 56030
F: 2310 555 583

QLAB – Qualified Analytical Lab

K. Karamanli 122, 57008
Τ: 2310 784 712
F: 2310 784 713

Biogas Lagada S.A.

Land lot 677 Kolhiko, 57200
Τ: 23940 20489
F: 23940 20997

Bioenergy Nigrita S.A.

Land lot 353, Nigrita, 62200
Τ: 23220 20041

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