The company offers its services in recognition of opportunities and in the preparation of studies to finance the technological, investment and research activities of enterprises in the framework of national or European programs, actions and initiatives, bank loans and Venture Capital companies, as well as in the monitoring and management investment projects on behalf of businesses, institutions and organizations. More specifically, the services offered by the company in the Financial and Research Technological Programs cover among others the following fields:

National Development Law

L. 3908/2011 & 4399/2016

National Investment and Research Programs

National Investment and Research Programs: Operational Program for Competitiveness (Research and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Energy, Tourism), Operational Program “Information Society” – Operational Program for Rural Development and Rural Reconstruction, Regional Operational Programs – ROP, etc.

Community Initiatives


European Research Technology Programs

European Research Technology Programs included in the 8th Framework Program for Research and Technological Development (HORIZON) or in the Actions of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT)

Other European Programs

Competitiveness and Innovation Program, Intelligent Energy, E-CONTENT PLUS, LEONARDO DA VINCI, etc

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