Development of studies for financing of agricultural enterprises

Accounting and financial support of holdings

Elaboration of Young Farmers Action Plans

Primary Installation Prize

Technical support for the implementation of development programs

Interest subsidy studies for farmers loans

Farming organization reorganization studies

Agri-environment programs

Special studies of organic farming – Livestock farming – Rare Species

Guidance services for good compliance with cross-compliance - good agricultural practice

Safety engineering services on farms

Guidance services for new crops and farms

Support for the preparation and registration of Single Payment Applications (IACS)

Support services for audits by private and public insurers

Audit Support Services OPEKEPE - DAOK - Certification Bodies

Prescription services for farmers - farmers


Elaboration of funding studies for the establishment and relocation of poultry and livestock units

Procedures for approving the location of new livestock units

Legalization and exemption procedures from demolition of livestock units

Waste treatment and disposal studies

Environmental Impact Assessments - Establishment License & operation

Agri-environment programs

Special studies of livestock farming

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