BIOCIRCULAR aims to tackle major issues in inefficient and unsustainable farming practices leading to inappropriate application of resources such as artificial fertilizers, non-optimized value chains in the production system, and insufficient data handling and processing.

This will be aimed through the incorporation of smart farming and smart processing processes into an integrated system for the optimal management of a middle-sized farm and the minimization of its carbon footprint. To date, the gaps have not been addressed due to that farmers lack low cost and effective technologies and methods available to them to manage the complexities of whole farm resources and more specifically to transform data into knowledge suitable for decision making; to monitor and interpret important indicators such as soil readiness, nutrient efficiency, product quality and animal welfare which are all interrelated and requires multidisciplinary expertise.

BIOCIRCULAR will address these gaps by bringing together novel ICT and cross-border multidisciplinary expertise in precision farming and aims to develop economically viable advanced smart technologies and software integrating multiple levels of farm decision making, considering and integrating business intelligence, Systems Engineering, Future Internet and Data Informatics disciplines, within a whole systems framework.

More about the project:

BUDGET: 994.614,68€
START DATE: 05/09/2018


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