Information Security Policy of ERGOPLANNING Ltd.

The protection of the information assets of the company is a necessary condition for the provision of high quality security services to our customers and therefore vital for the success of the company.

Our company policy to ensure that:

  • The confidentiality and integrity of the information is maintained by access to it only by authorized persons.
  • The availability of information and systems is maintained by establishing and implementing a business continuity plan.
  • Staff are trained in information security issues and are aware that compliance with this policy is mandatory.
  • All breaches of information security as well as alleged weaknesses are duly reported and investigated.
  • All executives are directly responsible for implementing the policy and ensuring that staff in their areas of responsibility comply with this policy.

Information security is a top priority of the company in order to:

  • Ensure the safe provision of consulting and project management services.
  • To ensure the full compliance of the company with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.
  • To protect the interests of the company and those who cooperate with it and trust it for the use and circulation of their data.
  • Ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information produced, received and circulated in the context of the provision of consulting and project management services.
  • To maximize the reliability of the company’s information resources.

For this purpose, the company has developed and implements an Information Security Management Protocol based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 27001: 2005.

The company is committed to complying with all legal and regulatory requirements as well as contractual obligations to its customers in matters of information security and protection of personal data related to its activities. The company is also committed to continuously improving its information security performance through:

  • The systematic monitoring of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the Information Security Management Protocol and the search for the causes of problems and weaknesses, in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective and / or preventive actions.
  • Establishing and reviewing objective objectives in the field of information security and the documented and continuous monitoring and measurement of performance in matters of information security.
  • Securing the necessary resources for the effective operation of the Information Security Management Protocol.

The Information Security Officer is responsible for overseeing and monitoring the operation of the Protocol, as well as for informing all staff involved about the Information Security Policy.

Evangelos Grammatikou is appointed as the representative of the Board in matters of information security, who has as his main task the supervision of the operation of the Information Security Management Protocol, the implementation of this policy and the provision of support to the personnel during its implementation.

The Board gives its full support and the highest priority to the Information Security Management Protocol and in consultation with the staff undertakes to define objective goals and objectives which will be reviewed at regular intervals so that it is always within the specifications it has set.

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